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Create your own professional email signature

Your email signatures no longer need to be an afterthought. With Signature Clicks the bottom of your emails can be in the forefront of people’s minds!

Enhance your personal brand on all your emails by adding video and animation technology directly to your email signatures. Turn otherwise overlooked email footers into clickable video and increase your click-through rates and sales.

Signature Clicks allows individuals and businesses to utilize the cutting edge of email-communication. Approximately 210 billion emails are sent every day. 42 billion of these emails are legitimate (not spam). That’s a lot of email! This huge amount presents a two-edged sword. On one edge are the mind-numbing effects of oversaturation, but on the other edge are myriad possibilities for highly effective contact.

Our large selection of templates makes it easy to create email signatures that capture the attention of your readers as never before. Need a professional image that sets you apart from the others in your industry? Create a professional email signature that tells your clients and any prospects that even the very last section of your email is treated like first class! You can create your own signature or simply choose a video or animated email signature from our huge selection of email signature templates. In addition to an array of impressive professional templates, Signature Clicks also offers personal templates and templates designed for cause-oriented campaigns. We’re all about creating dynamic signatures that stand out from the billion others.

But wait, there’s more (wink)…Not only will you attract more attention using our unique technology, your emails will benefit from sustained attention. The time spent viewing the typical signature mindlessly stamped at the bottom of emails is likely less than two blinks and a yawn, but the attention span given to videos and animation can be from seconds to minutes! With your brand and image twinkling in every email, the increased attention of your audience is much more likely to be translated into interactivity, and this translates into more success for you.

So go ahead and get started! Make a little video that informs your email recipients that the last decade called and wants its old email signature back! It’s time to take the bottom of your emails to the top of your market share!

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